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Inspiring Homeopathy in the Netherlands

With Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)

During this three day Inspiring Homeopathy course you will personally experience and learn how to use this powerful homeopathic tool for rapid growth and transformation, by utilizing Dr. Tinus Smits' discovery of the seven Universal Layers: lack of self-confidence, affective problems, incarnation problems, lack of boundaries, old traumas, guilt and duality and the last obstacle to our unification with our higher self: our soul.

By meditating as a group, you’re going deeply into the energy of each universal layer through its associated remedy: Carcinosinum cum cuprum, Saccharum officinale, Lac maternum, Vernix caseosa, Rhus toxicodendron, Anacardium orientale and Hydrogenium, and you become deeply connected to each of these layers. In this way we learn much more than lecture alone can ever provide. You cannot help but be profoundly changed by this unique experience.

The Inspiring Homeopathy remedies are essential remedies to know deeply for any practicing homeopath!

True to Tinus' vision we have re-created his initiation experience here in the Netherlands so that this important work continues to thrive!

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA) was honored to have spent time in with Tinus in France in June of 2005, immersing herself deeply in the experience of Inspiring Homeopathy. Kim was at that time one of 8 homeopaths from around the world invited to learn the philosophy directly from Tinus Smits.

Read more about Kim Kalina below.

The course will be given in a beautiful natural surrounding, in the biological resort of Mhartiste, : Burgemeester G.W. Stroinkweg 124, 8344 XR Onna, Netherlands. www.mhartiste.nl

Dates: 16-17-18th April 2013

Costs: € 575,- all inclusive lodging, biological meals and drinks

For bookings: bookings.IH@live.nl

Your appliance will be certain after payment, on account:

468196196, Mvr J Sinnige Tjassing.Haren

IBAN: NL37ABNA0468196196


CEASE homeopaths will get the addition IH practitioner on the CEASE website after following this course.

Accreditation is requested for NVKH, VHAN, VBAG.

The course will only be given with a minimum of 10 participants

Please book as soon as possible.

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Kim is a nationally certified and registered US homeopath, and has been a homeopathic practitioner for nearly 17 years.

She began studying with Tinus Smits in 2005 and has been using and promoting his work at his request ever since.

In particular Kim has utilized and taught his vaccination clearing protocols/CEASE since 2005, led several times a year Inspiring Homeopathy groups for homeopathic students and professionals since 2007, and also served as editor (along with Tim Owens) of the final version of Dr. Smits’ Inspiring Homeopathy book in 2011.

She is the Core Instructor of the North American CEASE Certification courses, and continues to teach CEASE and Inspiring Homeopathy both at home and abroad.

In addition to continuing Dr. Smits’ groundbreaking work, Kim has been teaching homeopathy for the last 13 years and currently serves as a Core Faculty member and Co-Administrator of the licensed and accredited Teleosis homeopathic school in Boston, MA www.homeocollaborative.org.

She also facilitates a private homeopathic consultation, coaching and referral service from her healing center in upstate NY.

Dr. Tinus Smits: “A distinction has to be made between the individual layer, and the universal layers, treating lack of self-confidence, affective problems, incarnation problems, lack of boundaries, old traumas, guilt and duality, the last obstacle to our unification with our higher self our soul. In totality there are seven universal layers. In this aspect of universal layers the individuality of the patient seems to be lost, but once the patient enters these universal layers, practice proved to me that these remedies were the best ones to resolve their problems and to help them to evolve to deeper awareness and more stability in both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual health. This gave me the key to the understanding of what Hahnemann had tried to explain by his theory of miasms, And what is even more interesting is that this way of homeopathic treatment goes really to the roots of mankind's suffering and is quite different from the classical homeopathic treatment, that's why I gave it a new name:Inspiring Homeopathy.

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