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CEASE Autism

  • 91 new CEASE therapists certified worldwide

    91 new CEASE therapists have been certified last month. Thanks to Ton Jansen and An van Veen for teaching the course and thanks to Barbara Tibballs and Sue Homer for hosting it in Cambridge, UK. We are very happy to have many CEASE therapists in the UK and Ireland now and also in Czech Repubic, Germany, USA (CA, CO, WI), Italy, Argentina, Japan, Israel, Egypt, Canada. All practitioners can be found in our practitioner directory at: www.cease-therapy.com/make-appointment

  • 35 international CEASE therapists certified

    It’s an honor to announce that we certified 35 new CEASE therapists last month. In a group with people from all around the world we had an intense course taught by An van Veen and Ton Jansen. With the international release of Smits’ book about Autism the need for CEASE homeopaths is growing fast. I’m glad we can now offer the therapy in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Austria and Norway besides the many therapists we have in Holland. Congratulations to the new international team who is eager to start treating autism and thank you for...

  • Tinus Smits passed away

    On Holy Thursday in the nearness of his, wife, children, grand children and Sylviane he passed away. Tinus Smits Martinus Thielemanus December 29th 1946 - April 1st 2010 Marie-Pierre Smits-Vanhove Gaël Smits en Anne van Tilburg, Sophie Erwan en Nadine Smits, Noah Yannick Smits en Eelke Pollé Vincent van Goghlaan 6 5581 JM Waalre The ceremony will take place on Easter Monday April 5th at 3:30pm in the Onze Lieve Vrouw Presentatie Kerk, Eindhovenseweg 63, 5582 HP Aalst-Waalre. After that the funeral will be held at the cemetery of the Primulalaan, Aalst-Waalre Instead of bringing flowers Tinus would have loved a donation for the Bhaktapur International Homeopathic Clinic.

  • Tinus Smits: his last journey is near

    A few month ago Tinus was diagnosed with cancer. Has has since stopped working and resides at home. We expect him to commence on his last journey very soon. If you want to be informed you can subscribe to the newsletter.

  • CEASE Certication Course in March 2010

    We are happy to announce that end of March 2010 we will organise the 3rd CEASE Certification Course in the Netherlands. This will be the first English spoken course and is targeted to practitioners worldwide that want to help us in serving the worldwide need of practitioners. Especially after the publication of the "Autism, beyond despair" book the demand for certified CEASE practitioners will be enormous. Read on for more information on the course and subscription form.

  • 2nd group of CEASE therapists certified

    4 and 5 september 2009 the second group of 62 homeopaths have been certified to give the CEASE therapy. After 5 full day courses they are ready to apply the CEASE therapy correctly. The number of CEASE therapists in The Netherlands is now big enough to publish the book about the therapy in Dutch. After we certify enough foreign CEASE therapists (probably in march 2010) we will also release the English version of the book. We now have 77 therapists located in the Netherlands. The only 2 foreign therapists right now are located in Portugal and Sweden. Click here for address...

  • First certificated CEASE-therapists in Holland

    Congratulations to the 17 first Dutch homeopathic doctors who have been certified as CEASE Therapists. Their certification is a guarantee that they are able to apply correctly the CEASE therapy. They will keep in touch with each other and with Tinus Smits to develop further this wonderful method and to resolve together difficult cases if necessay. The results of the treatment will be collected in a database to detect step by step the different causes of autism and other behavior and developmental problems. In September 2009 a second groupe of 70 homeopaths will be certified, they have already attended a...