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First certificated CEASE-therapists in Holland

Congratulations to the 17 first Dutch homeopathic doctors who have been certified as CEASE Therapists. Their certification is a guarantee that they are able to apply correctly the CEASE therapy. They will keep in touch with each other and with Tinus Smits to develop further this wonderful method and to resolve together difficult cases if necessay. The results of the treatment will be collected in a database to detect step by step the different causes of autism and other behavior and developmental problems. In September 2009 a second groupe of 70 homeopaths will be certified, they have already attended a 3-days course of Tinus in May and have still 2 more days in September.

CEASE therapists

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# looking for one of your in us or can we talk

left by randi bell at 6/23/2009 8:31 AM Gravatar
i have 5 children and my youngest is ten
would love to talk to someone ,anywhere.
randi bell 215-237-1567

he just goes for suger all the time (fruit)
and we are dong HBOT
thanks you'not on e-mail that much iam home schooling him right now
please call
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